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Guggenheim Color by Fine Paints of Europe utilizes a unique tinting system completely unlike that of conventional paint. These complex formulations are designed to exhibit subtle nuances of tone that alter with changes of light and season.

“We know our clients are serious about the integrity of their physical space,” says John Lahey, Founder, Owner, and CEO of Fine Paints of Europe. “They care about the beauty of paint itself: the depth of color, the touch, and the durability. So imagine how thrilled we are to be able to apply our own technical mastery to the development of these unique colors, drawn from one of the world’s leading collections of modern art.”

Founded in 1987, Fine Paints of Europe is a privately owned firm dedicated to providing the finest paints and personalized service to discriminating homeowners, paint professionals, architects, and designers.


Hollandlac Traditional Oil Paints

Eco Waterborne Paints


Mineral Spirits

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